Thursday, February 6, 2014

It was a very rocky marriage....

 Marriage is not easy but it's worth all the energy and effort you but into it. To be honest our first year of marriage was very very rocky I didn't actually think we would even make it past it. It was filled with lots of arguing, disagreements, and a lot of "you this, "you that", it's your fault", "you", "you", "you", It was never "I". But through all the ups & downs we made it work. In my opinion what makes a marriage successful is being able to trust each other, being honest with each other, leaving your pride out the door, being respectful, being sweet, saying I love you as much as you can (we seriously say I love you about 20 times a day), never letting yourself get too comfortable, and no matter what always putting one another first.  
with that being said, I want to wish us both a very Happy 4 Years of marriage.

I love you to infinity & beyond.


  1. Such a great post and so very true!

    Happy anniversary! Cheers to many more!


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