Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Valentines Day

Hello everyone!!!! 
I hope all of you had an amazing weekend. And if you celebrated Valentines Day I hope it was wonderful. Our Valentines Day was very special. We haven't celebrated vday together in so so long. Somehow we were always in different states when valentines day rolled around. But finally this year we were able to spend it together.  We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Brewzzi and after that we went to watch a movie. We were actually so tired after dinner that we fell asleep while watching the movie. Friday nights are always draining after a long work week :/ anyway, after that we came home and had the best night sleep. It's always amazing being able to sleep with your best friend every night.


  1. You guys are too cute but all I could see are palm trees!!!!! Ahhh......I could only dream! LOL!



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